Turnaround and Restructuring Services. 

Decades-long operational turnaround and performance improvement experience, allows Subsidium Advisors Ltd teams to accompany companies undergoing transformational change. Subsidium Advisors Ltd combines practical operational experience with sound restructuring strategy experience to develop financial and operational restructuring. Working hand in hand with your designated teams, Subsidium Advisors Ltd provide the practical knowledge and fresh perspective to help plan and implement a detailed turnaround. When faced with strategic or operational challenges, reinforcing internal resources with external experience and talent proved to be the optimal response route. Subsidium Advisors Ltd deploys financial, operational, and industry-specific specialists. We can even endorse the role of chief restructuring officer, to manage the corporate restructuring strategy process, which allows the management team to focus on critical day-to-day affairs of the business.

Bankruptcy, as a process or as an alternative, needs to be valued and assessed. It offers a painful yet interesting avenue to explore when opportunistically sensical to address the strategic, operational and financial problems. Subsidium Advisors Ltd can assist you in each phase of the bankruptcy process: pre-bankruptcy strategy and planning; operational initiatives and action plans; detailed communication programs for vendors, customers, and employees; and assisting with reporting compliance and the development of a reorganization plan.

M&A Advisory.

M&A can be an important means for building scale, improving a target’s performance, or removing excess industry capacity, and can fuel long term, profitable growth. Companies should not wait until an attractive target is in view to sharpen their M&A capabilities. The sluggish pace of global economic growth enhances the attractiveness of M&A. In addition, sustained low interest rates, strong US equities markets, cash-rich balance sheets, and increasing business confidence give companies the ability and attitude to pursue deals as a means to grow. Access to new intellectual property (IP) is also an important driver of growth-oriented deals, especially in highly innovative industries such as pharmaceuticals and technology, where IP is a company’s lifeblood. Companies need to take a strategic view, a portfolio approach, to their various lines of business/activities. With this they can reshape it applying a more conscientious decision on “where to play” and “how to win”. Three conditions underpin building the optimal portfolio: strategic soundness, value creation and antifragility.

Organizational Advisory Public Sector. 

Reports often ends up sitting on the shelf rather than being a true road map for transformative change. At Subsidium Advisors Ltd, our approach to operational consulting is decisively different. Transforming complex public sector organizations to respond to today’s challenges starts with defining a vision along with a set of projects and initiatives to achieve that outcome. This transformation often involves becoming more digital, agile, and responsive to the public while attracting and retaining the right talent and managing budgets.

People and Organization. 

Human resources are a difficult asset to manage in a public sector context. Equally challenging is the attraction and retention of talent with skills for the digital age. Subsidium Advisors Ltd works with public sector clients to diffuse tensions, align interests, manage expectations. We design agile organizations, supporting leadership development, managing change, and undertaking HR transformations.

Financial Advisory. 

Using performance measurement and data analytics techniques, Subsidium Advisors Ltd can help you develop practical management tools to provide insight into your organization’s performance: Performance Audits, Valuations, Data Analytics & Monitoring Services, Forensic Audits & Compliance, Due Diligences, …

Forensic Audit and Financial due diligences are offered either in the framework of an inquisitive control or a merger or acquisition operation. Sometimes at the request of shareholders or board members and sometimes by acquiring firms. Court orders and “collective procedures” (bankruptcy, liquidations processes) also draw heavily on this practice expertise.


Our “ledgers to aggregates” approach enable us to reconstruct “sensical” financial statements which would drive our valuation analysis. Important as it may be, it remain insufficient if not combined with a “cost accounting” construct which remodels the financial statements and enables their insertion into a dynamic operating environment highlighting strength or weaknesses, dominant positions or irrelevant presence, unique selling propositions or “me to” presence. Methodologies, purpose and scope combined with bottom up (ledgers to aggregates) reconfiguration of financial statements enable our teams to deliver exceptional valuation rationale.

Financial Risks. 

Having a clear understanding of potential risk areas can help you make more informed decisions. While risk can be disruptive, it also can reveal opportunities. Our experienced professionals can help you manage risk by custom building your risk management program, setting strategies, and providing tools that can be applied consistently across your organization. Forensic Consulting, Internal Audits, Risk & Internal Controls Assessments are only a handful of methodologies and sub-practices that Subsidium Advisors Ltd can put at your disposal.

Financial Advisory Transparency and Accountability. 

Transparency and accountability aren’t just buzzwords when it comes to delivering services to your stakeholders. As you respond to your constituents’ needs, you want actionable insight that can help you efficiently spend public funds and drive improvement. Our suite of public sector financial management consulting services can help you.

Public Sector Audits. 

Because we know how important audited financial statements are, our approach is to first understand your operations and the risks you face, and then to focus efforts where they matter most. We also provide financial management consulting for audit readiness and compliance, and insights and analysis of an entity’s prior period results and current operations. In addition, we continually inform you about accounting, financial and regulatory developments that may affect your agency and accomplishment of your mission.

Evidence-based Policymaking. 

Our services, covering global, regional or local government, to build and use evidence about what works in order to improve existing programs and better allocate spending. It is a movement that harnesses evidence in many forms, from high-quality data to rigorous program evaluation to other forms of credible evidence. The broader goal is to increase the return on investment from government spending. From assisting a large agency in launching an evaluation office, to designing workshops to help senior leaders strengthen their evidence-based policymaking skills we are passionate about helping government organizations and jurisdictions build a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

To help national, regional, and local agencies achieve their missions, we collaborate with government executives to identify critical goals and objectives, chart the path to accomplish them, and establish mechanisms to monitor progress and change course as evidence warrants.

Cost, Operations, and Procurement. 

We help public sector institutions at all levels, National, regional, and local, do more with less by designing cost and productivity optimization plans, streamlining or creating new processes to manage costs, delivering higher productivity and quality, and professionalizing the procurement function.


Whether your goal is to create impact, accelerate organizational transformation, learn about how exponential technologies will shape our futures, or upskill your leadership team, Subsidium Advisors Ltd will work with you to identify key outcomes and develop a customized program built upon proven frameworks for strategy, leadership and innovation. Develop new products and/or mental models and capabilities to anticipate, adapt and address future challenges. Gain a deeper understanding of how exponential technologies and breakthrough ideas will shape the future. Create collective understanding of your company’s future vision and train leaders to model new behaviors that can transform culture. Explore possible futures and develop a compelling vision with creative storytelling.

Market insight. 

Understanding tomorrow’s clients’ needs are is critical. Subsidium Advisors Ltd will help you dive into your clients mindset and extract therefrom market insights to help you design and position your offering.

Growth, strategizing the future. 

The future is disruptive. It is a threat as much as an opportunity for every business. Organizations are challenged to design strategies and build execution teams who not only embrace constant change, but thrive in its midst. Our consultative and collaborative approach delivers a clear path forward with transformational outcomes that help you see possible, probable and preferred futures.


Technology transformation is an essential part of competitive business strategies. As such a smart digital transformation can help decrease costs, increase value, drive efficiencies, boost performance and even improve engagement of employees and customers. The challenge is to achieve value-driven transformation and innovation amid the ongoing operational and competitive challenges that face every organization. Subsidium Advisors Ltd understands this challenge and applies deep technology, data, cloud and automation experience with fresh strategic thinking and proven partners to find the best path to your goals.

Data Integrity and Cybersecurity. 

Confidentiality, data protection and data integrity is vital to run your business. Are your defenses strong enough to withstand a cyberattack? We can help remedy weaknesses in your systems or respond to a breach if you’ve already been hit by hackers.

Public sector organizations are under pressure to deliver more for their citizens, from seamless digital services to policies and programs that address complex problems, societal challenges, and crises. Subsidium Advisors Ltd helps the public sector improve how it operates so that it can meet, and surpass, these expectations and their goals: Economic Development, Reskilling Workforce, Cities of the Future, Digitizing Government Services, Education, Climate and Environment, Mobility, Infrastructure, Health Care Systems. We approach public sector digital strategy embracing new technologies, such as AI and blockchain. Real digital transformation also requires changes to organizational structures, capabilities, governance, work processes, and culture. Digitalization is measured and benchmarked to assesses a government’s or a country’s digital maturity and identifies opportunities to accelerate the digital transformation journey.