Organizational Advisory Public Sector.

Reports often ends up sitting on the shelf rather than being a true road map for transformative change. At Subsidium Advisors Ltd, our approach to operational consulting is decisively different. Transforming complex public sector organizations to respond to today’s challenges starts with defining a vision along with a set of projects and initiatives to achieve that outcome. This transformation often involves becoming more digital, agile, and responsive to the public while attracting and retaining the right talent and managing budgets.

People and Organization. Human resources are a difficult asset to manage in a public sector context. Equally challenging is the attraction and retention of talent with skills for the digital age. Subsidium Advisors Ltd works with public sector clients to diffuse tensions, align interests, manage expectations. We design agile organizations, supporting leadership development, managing change, and undertaking HR transformations.

Financial Advisory Transparency and Accountability. 

Transparency and accountability aren’t just buzzwords when it comes to delivering services to your stakeholders. As you respond to your constituents’ needs, you want actionable insight that can help you efficiently spend public funds and drive improvement. Our suite of public sector financial management consulting services can help you.

Public Sector Audits. Because we know how important audited financial statements are, our approach is to first understand your operations and the risks you face, and then to focus efforts where they matter most. We also provide financial management consulting for audit readiness and compliance, and insights and analysis of an entity’s prior period results and current operations. In addition, we continually inform you about accounting, financial and regulatory developments that may affect your agency and accomplishment of your mission.

Evidence-based Policymaking. Our services, covering global, regional or local government, to build and use evidence about what works in order to improve existing programs and better allocate spending. It is a movement that harnesses evidence in many forms, from high-quality data to rigorous program evaluation to other forms of credible evidence. The broader goal is to increase the return on investment from government spending. From assisting a large agency in launching an evaluation office, to designing workshops to help senior leaders strengthen their evidence-based policymaking skills we are passionate about helping government organizations and jurisdictions build a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

To help national, regional, and local agencies achieve their missions, we collaborate with government executives to identify critical goals and objectives, chart the path to accomplish them, and establish mechanisms to monitor progress and change course as evidence warrants.

Cost, Operations, and Procurement. We help public sector institutions at all levels, National, regional, and local, do more with less by designing cost and productivity optimization plans, streamlining or creating new processes to manage costs, delivering higher productivity and quality, and professionalizing the procurement function

Digitalization (Public Sector)

Digitalization. Public sector organizations are under pressure to deliver more for their citizens, from seamless digital services to policies and programs that address complex problems, societal challenges, and crises. Subsidium Advisors Ltd helps the public sector improve how it operates so that it can meet, and surpass, these expectations and their goals: Economic Development, Reskilling Workforce, Cities of the Future, Digitizing Government Services, Education, Climate and Environment, Mobility, Infrastructure, Health Care Systems. We approach public sector digital strategy embracing new technologies, such as AI and blockchain. Real digital transformation also requires changes to organizational structures, capabilities, governance, work processes, and culture. Digitalization is measured and benchmarked to assesses a government’s or a country’s digital maturity and identifies opportunities to accelerate the digital transformation journey.